When is the best time to start a project?

If it’s a house – it’s best to start designing the interior at the “rough construction” stage or even before that. If it is an apartment or public space of a building under construction- it is best to seek an interior designer at the Act 15 stage.

How long does it take to complete a project?

A two-bedroom apartment with an area of, for example, about 100 sqm can be done in 4-5 months. But not a design project. A well designed and well executed project takes at least 8-9 months. The design alone will take a minimum of 1-2 months. If it is a single family house- the project takes between 12 and 24 months to complete. In public interiors it is not possible to define a time horizon, because it depends on the specifics of the building. Clients who come to us want a project that is far from ordinary. Almost all of the materials, furniture and details we choose are not available in stores. We have to order and wait for them. And when they arrive, they have to be carefully and qualitatively installed. The client is aware of the project deadline after our first meetings with them. With good organisation and cooperation from the client, everything goes according to plan and the best end result is achieved.

How long will our initial meeting last?

You can expect between 1 and 2 hours for an initial meeting, and it is advisable to bring any available drawings of the site or approximate dimensions, and possibly photographs of the site. It will be good to know at what stage of construction the site to be designed is, and this is all that will be needed to start. Sometimes, our first appointment is to directly view the site.

How much time will I need to spend during the project?

It depends on the amount of work and the complexity of the project. Since our studio supervises all interior projects, your involvement is minimal.

How quickly will you expect a response from me?

Everything should be well thought out, after all it is your space that should serve you best. Of course, the quicker you make decisions, the quicker things will happen on the project. Typically, clients who are clear about what they like and are looking for, don’t hesitate with their decisions.

How long before I can expect the finished conceptual design?

Depending on the size of the project, the conceptual design can take between 4 and 9 weeks to complete. How many times will I be allowed to request an interior change? There may be no changes. Often the client approves everything on the conceptual design and we proceed directly to the technical one. Before proceeding to the development of the concept, the idea and the 3D visualizations, we have thoroughly discussed with the client the parameters of the project, so that no major changes are made. As for changing small touches such as colour, for example, we have no limit to the changes the client may wish to make, but it is recommended that once the conceptual design is approved, it is followed through.

Can you work without 3D visualisation?

In some cases, when we feel that the client and we are thinking completely along the same lines and that they trust us completely, we can work without visuals. Everything is illustrated by collages, photos and graphics, drawings.

Do you work in one particular style?

Practically there is no strict division of styles in interior design anymore. Everything is a combination. Designers have the freedom to successfully combine different styles, and one style usually dominates the look. There are aesthetic pulls that we don’t understand and are not “ours” and with which we don’t compromise, such as what we call “retro modern” (many people will understand, but those who like it – will fail :)). Any style can be refracted through our modern feel, so it rather depends on the specifics of the case. But in general – if what the client likes has absolutely nothing in common with our understanding, we can’t compromise and work on the project accordingly.

Would you fully comply with my ideas if I knew exactly what I wanted in terms of vision?

Knowing what the client wants is very good and is an important condition and the first step for a successful project. But very often this is taken to mean – I know top to bottom what colours I want to be present, I know what style I want the interior to be, I know I want a kitchen without handles and I know I’ve got my eye on a wood and concrete bathroom. But there are no specifics here. This isn’t a conceptual design, it’s guidance to the designer. Naturally, we take into account the wishes of the clients. They are our basis on which we design.

Can you work with my preferred construction team?

It is absolutely possible. We recommend working with our partners on a project, but if the client insists on working with their subcontractors, that is their right.

Can we order furniture/materials from abroad?

Yes, we often order furniture and materials from abroad. Do you work with a limited range of suppliers? We can work with all suppliers, depending on the specifics of the project. Everything is subject to discussion – the client can always share their preferences with us and we will accommodate them, but once the project has been approved and implementation has begun, it is not desirable for the client to make changes without coordinating with us, as this will frustrate achieving the desired end result.

Do you do interior design for small homes?

Modern construction often offers small spaces, and clients often want to put a lot of furniture and everything they have dreamed of – and kitchen island, and library and large dining table etc. Everything needs to be tailored to the space we have. In such cases, we do our best to satisfy the client’s demands by creating compact and practical solutions for the interior, but sometimes the client has to compromise.

Do you design other types of buildings besides residential?

Yes, we design public interiors such as shops, offices, restaurants, etc