The story of Studio ONE


"In the concept of Studio ONE, human relationships, trust, the vision for a better life and comfortable living are the first place. 
Personally, I believe in both the energy of clean lines and the power of more explosive and bold interiors. 
I don't like limitations in any aspect of life, including design.”

- says Elina Yaneva, founder of an interior design studio - Studio ONE.

Студио за интериорен дизайн

The story.

She has been interested in art since she was a child, writing poems and drawing models since she was 10 years old. 
As a child, he dreamed of becoming a fashion designer, but by coincidence he graduated from "Accounting and Control" 
at the University of Economics in the city of Varna.For several years she worked in the field of economics, but this did not manage to distract 
her permanently from her true urges to be a designer and create.
During all these years, he focused on serious self-education in the field of arts and design.
Interior design found her and became her favorite hobby, and later with starting work in a leading interior design firm and enrolling 
in specialized education at the London College KLC School of Design, interior design became her profession.
When dreams come true.
The first two years of her professional career in the field of interior design, Elina Yaneva worked as a freelancer. 
Driven by the desire to create spaces that work for the benefit of the clients, she constantly improves her skills to understand the clear 
needs of the clients and adapt them to her personal understanding of aesthetics. Then, in the spring of 2018, he founded Studio ONE and formed
 a team with which to have common visions and goals, to develop and reach new heights. In the words of Elina Yaneva:
“Studio ONE was not created to produce mass design according to a template, but rather a boutique studio. 
The idea is not to design a large number, but more importantly - quality interiors with attention to all details. 
My vision and understanding of design as energy, value and harmony are woven into the concept and principles of Studio ONE. 
The need to lead the implementation of interior projects is becoming more and more tangible. 
Customers are sufficiently involved in their own affairs and increasingly prefer to be freed from the overall organization of 
the repair and project implementation, as well as from communication with masters and other subcontractors. 
Studio ONE facilitates the process and provides full author oversight and project management.”
The name of the studio is not accidental (ONE - one from English). The number "one" personifies the Beginning, Creation and the Sun 
as a creative force. The unit symbolizes the bright expression of individuality, leadership and ambition, but at the same time unity with 
others. The spelling of "one" in English begins with "O" (ONE), and the round shape is associated with the cycle of life, constant movement,
the harmonious presence of nature, life force and creation.

Студио за интериорен дизайн

Studio ONE celebrates its successes and receives international recognition from Dibla Design Awards and StaroNature Design Contest. 
Their projects are published in leading interior print publications, and in May 2021 the "MV" project realized is among the awarded interior
 design projects and won an award from the BIGSEE Awards
The Studio ONE team understands the modern man's need to inhabit spaces that express his individuality and offer him a functional and timeless
 vision. Elina Yaneva and her team strive precisely for interior concepts with a strong individual character and individual presence.


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