Innovative design from the future

Today we are inspired by the extraordinary idea of a different project, made by the Hungarian studio Hello wood.

The creators of this workstation cabin have designed it with human needs in mind and in tune with the current environment, when people need more than ever to be close to nature. The cabin-workstation is the ideal secluded place for work and meetings. But its function is not limited to this.

It can also be used as a guest room or a playroom for the kids and is the perfect haven if you need a quiet place to relax or immerse yourself in creativity

A combination of architecture, product and interior design

The cabin eschews the conventional cube shape, reminiscent rather of a work of art that is in harmony with nature. In the interior we can feel the warmth of natural materials. The interior design is dominated by natural white pine and large windows that invite natural light inside.

Functionality and sustainability

The workstation adapts to the change of seasons; its good insulation ensures the comfort of the room in winter and the built-in air conditioning protects against the heat of summer days.

Smooth work is ensured by the installed electrical sockets and you will have no problems accessing the internet. The cabin is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology; after designing, the drawing is forwarded to the CNC machine.

The workstation has the advantage that it can be delivered assembled and ready to use for the customer’s convenience.