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„I believe in both the energy of clean lines and minimalist narratives, and the power of more explosive and bold interiors. “

Elina Yaneva

Founder of Studio ONE

Studio ONE is an interior design studio that combines its well-defined values with the integration of modern and innovative approaches to interior design. Our team consists of concept-driven visionaries who look to the future. We seek, find and implement customized solutions for each individual project.

Inspired by the noticeable improvement of our clients’ quality of life, we purposefully enrich our skills and strive to achieve functionality and sustainability in our projects. The need for guidance in the execution of interior design projects is becoming ever more apparent. Clients are busy enough with their own affairs and increasingly prefer to dispense with the overall organisation of the renovation and project execution, as well as communication with the craftsmen and other subcontractors. Studio ONE facilitates the process and provides full author supervision and project management. We are focused on combining diverse aesthetic effects and do not place ourselves within the confines of a particular interior style, providing the most appropriate and effective solution to the specific needs of the space. We rely on innovative ideas that make spaces distinctive, unique and special in their own way. In each individual project, we tell a new story through interiors – stories of love or ambition, passion or harmony, courage or serenity, warm relationships or cool composure, laughter or temperance, boldness or humility. If you want an exciting and authentic atmosphere, an exclusive and working interior – we know how to make it happen. Contact us to discuss your upcoming project.

Studio ONE- We tell exciting stories.

JC21 Residence

Realized interior design of a house telling a story of lightness and harmony

Fusion Suite

The interior draws us into a story about the value of the natural, the return to nature and the natural feeling it brings to our lives.


A special place where, with interesting interpretations, we combined "old with new" in complete symbiosis.


Realized interior project of a cozy home, designed with attention to detail


Realization of an interior for dreamers! The apartment provides its owners with a stylish interior with references to the amazing sea panorama that opens from it.

SD Residence

A house interior that immerses us in an atmosphere of timelessness and exclusivity

International recognition